In observation of Small Business Saturday and Artist Sunday, dasART by Aseity Creations will be holding OPEN STUDIO on November 28 and 29 from 12 noon to 5 PM on both days. PK Das is one of the featured artist for Artist Sunday. All fine-arts and merchandises including PK's book will be marked down enabling collectors to collect more fine art. We invite you to our special holiday event and look forward to assist you in your fine-art collection. We are accepting private viewing as well. Please CONTACT us to schedule an appointment for private viewing. We remain in compliance with all COVID-19 related prevention protocols. 


Thank you for visiting dasART by Aseity Creations. dasART is a full service photography studio and gallery of Houston's leading fine-art photo-artist PK Das. Please browse through this site to explore more about PK and his works. PK's primary focus is in creating an work of art that resonates with sound philosophy. Each fine-art conveys a story that is deep rooted within our human existence, though may not be visited at all times. Distractions gravitate us outwardly. It is our responsibility to connect inwardly. As we connect with the self, only then we are able to find the peace and tranquility we seek. As individuals if we are able to carry through the aura of peace and happiness, we can then radiate and transmit the same within the rest of the society. PK's creations are often referred to as healing art. However, each piece of his creation is a medium only that enables us to connect with ourselves. 

During this Holiday Season of 2020, Aseity Creations have decided to make art collection easier for everyone. Majority of the works displayed here are of Limited Edition and priced for anyone to collect and to gift. Once you make your selection, please go to the CONTACT page and write us a note specifying your intention to collect. We will contact you within one business day and assist you in completing the collection including its delivery within the USA. 

If you are in Houston, Texas, we invite you to our studio and gallery located inside Silver Street Studios in the Arts District of Houston. Please see our complete address at the bottom of the page. Feel free to contact us over phone or by text at (281)703-5670 in case you have any question. 

Every art piece is created using some of the finest preservation quality materials including printing and framing. We accept commission work. Please contact us with your specifications. For individuals who love to convert themselves into their artwork, we encourage you to schedule a FREE consultation session followed by booking a photo session. PK's specialty of converting individuals in their own artwork is one of his signature creations just like his innovation of couple's Holistic Photo Session. 

Experience once the joy of collecting fine-art and you will never settle for anything lesser. Allow us to facilitate your inward journey of life and find everlasting peace, love, and happiness. 


Crown Sahasrara Chakra
Third Eye Ajna Chakra
Throat Bisuddha Chakra
Heart Anahata Chakra
Solar Plexus Manipura Chakra
Sacral Svadhisthana Chakra
Root Muladhara Chakra
Healing Chakras
Muse and Apparatus
Birds of a Feather
Door Between The Walls
Dancing On A Foreign Soil
Snow Day
Fall 1
Let It Snow

Many more new works are on display in our gallery located inside Silver Street Studios. Please visit dasART by Aseity Creations to see our complete collection. Please see our EVENTS page to find our upcoming events. To schedule a personalized photo session or for a private viewing please CONTACT us. We look forward to seeing you soon.