PK Das

Fine art photographer

Born in Kolkata, India; PK Das moved to United States in 1990. An avid student of literature and language, PK worked as a journalist as well as a photo-journalist and cine-still photographer. His first collection of short stories was published in 1983. In 1984 he directed his first short-film. PK acted on stage since he was eight and received critical reviews in numerous newspapers and magazines.

Later he worked as marketing and business operations manager at multinational corporations for over two decades. He also trained sales personnel and wrote system process. However, the clutter of corporate couldn’t keep him caged forever. An indomitable urge to escape, paved the way back to his core.

Since 2012, PK published and edited a commercial news-literary magazine, scripted original stage-plays and toured nearly a dozen states with his show, performed at three Fringe festivals (Cincinnati, San Francisco, Chicago), presided as judge at theater competitions, organized events such as south-Asian theater festival, contributed as reviewer of professional theatre performances on behalf of League of Cincinnati Theatres, exhibited his fine-art photography at several art galleries throughout the country, produced nearly half a dozen short-films, and acted in main stream feature film. Author of over a dozen stage-plays, PK’s most recent book was published in 2018 and he participated in a few poetry festivals including Houston Poetry Fest (2018) as a juried poet.

PK also volunteered his services for non-profit organizations where he worked with children from refugee communities, especially in cultural event development. PK’s works often reflect philosophy of politics, relationship between the inner and the outer layers of human existence, and social causes. Deeply rooted in philosophy, PK’s self-professed experiment of nearly five years has culminated into a stream of photography where he works extensively with battered individuals, victims of trauma, and sufferers from depression (non-clinical) to transition into an uplifting and liberating experience through photography session. He calls it Holistic Photography. Guided deeply by the profound philosophy of ‘Bhagavad Gita’, PK is influenced by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Friedrich Nietzsche, Vincent Van Gogh, Sigmund Freud, Rabindranath Tagore, Franz Kafka, Amedeo Modigliani, Charles Chaplin, and Jean-Paul Sartre.

artist's statement

Is there an orbit between me and the world? I find the world revolves around me when I am in an apparent static sphere. Similarly, the world instantly becomes static as I begin to revolve. This relationship enables me to evolve visuals that are directly related to some of the philosophies of epical connotation. Metaphors, thus, find its natural route in the titles of my creations.


I wield primarily human figures, shapes of the nature, as well as simple elements and objects around our existence to transform into a story utilizing digital photography and its manipulation mechanisms. Art for me is about orating spirituality devoid of god dogma while being full of godliness in human existence.    


I aim to create visuals that calls for momentary static state in observation followed by prolong kinetics in being of the mind and its actions. My visuals wish to invoke holistic sanctity in our existence.            

what is fine art photography

Indeed it is difficult to put finger on a definition of fine art photography that is acceptable to all experts. There is always a very fine line between commercial photography and fine art photography. However, a broad yet simple definition can be as follows:


Fine art photography begins with a vision:

Fine art photography involves bringing a vision to life. As opposed to capturing what our naked eyes see, fine art photography is usually created based on some visual that originated in the artist’s mind. The subject or object is then photographed only towards converting the image per specifications of that visual.


Fine art Photography is about a meaning or a story in itself: 

As opposed to other forms of photography, fine art photography is meant to be evaluated solely based on its meaningfulness and beauty. 'Meaningfulness' and 'beauty' both are highly subjective. That means it is unrestricted by the practical considerations and it reserves the right to break standard rules and norms of photography.


Fine art photography is created carefully:

Every fine art photography involves a lot of planning and tweaking. Between the composition, details, and meaning, these images are created as carefully as paintings. Often it looks more like a painting than a photograph.


The main goal of fine art photography isn’t to demonstrate technical skills Instead, it aims to express an idea, an emotion a message, or a statement.

events & activities


Group exhibition: Silver Street Studios: WABI SABI. Houston, TX.

Launched dasART by Aseity Creations: Silver Street Studios, Houston, TX. 

Group exhibition: Silver Street Studios: The New Reality. Houston, TX. 

Commissioned Fine Art Photography: Awaiting, Anticipating, Returning, Rejoicing. 


Honorable mention: Fusion Art: Pyrus. 

Group Exhibition: Maryland Federation of Art.

Group Exhibition: Hardy & Nance Studios, Houston, TX. 

Group Exhibition: 3 Square Art, Fort Collins, CO.

Group Exhibition: Midwest Center for Photography, Kansas City, MO.

Producer: Short Film: Empty Space. 


Authored 'The Fourth Child' (Glimpses of twentieth century Bengali poetry). 

Juried poet: Houston Poetry Fest.

Speaker: At a number of poetry festivals and literary meets including one in India.  


Launched Aseity Creations.

Producer: Short Film: Car Alarm

Producer: Short Film: You Can't Escape

Producer: Short Film: Cracker Jack

Producer: Short Film: Soul Self.  


Fringe Festival: Cincinnati: 'Duryodhana The Unconquerable.' Authored and produced. 

Fringe Festival: San Francisco: 'Duryodhana The Unconquerable.' Authored and acted. 

Fringe Festival: Chicago: 'Duryodhana The Unconquerable.' Authored and acted. 

Duryodhana The Unconquerable is a political satire based on the characters from the epic of Mahabharat. 


Acted in award winning commercial feature film 'Bodhan' (Awakening). 

Producer: Short Film: Pseudo Amour. 

Invited artist to World Theater Festival: Bhubaneshwar, India. 


Formed All Shades Theater.

Organized and launched South Asian Theater Festival in the Midwest. 

Penned my first stage-play in English, 'Celebrated Silence' (a radical story to raise awareness against groping). 

Produced and enacted Celebrated Silence. (Directed by Dr. Daryl Harris). Jarson-Kaplan Theatre, Aronoff Center, Cincinnati, OH. 


Participated in North America Bengali Conference. Toronto, Canada.


Left day job.

Launched the first ever commercial literary and news monthly in the USA for the expatriated Bengali population worldwide.